I am currently a Phd student at the University of Florence, under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Lisca.

I am interested in low dimensional topology, with a focus on knot theory and its many
connections with the topology of 3 and 4 dimensional manifolds.
My current work revolves around Khovanov and Knot Floer homologies,
especially Grid Homology in lens spaces.

email: daniele.celoria  [AT] unifi.it or celoria  [AT] mail.dm.unipi.it

With Daniele Cappelletti in Copenaghen
picture courtesy of Arne Barbe


Cuspidal curves and Heegaard Floer homology (joint work with Jozsef Bodnar and Marco Golla) 1409.3282v2pdf

Grid homology in lens spaces with integer coefficients (in preparation).

Some seminars and talks:

"Introduction to Khovanov homology" (Pisa)

"Elliptic surfaces and Rational Blowdown" (Pisa)

"Un invariante di concordanza per nodi dalle chirurgie di Dehn" (Pisa)

"Grid Homology in Lens Spaces" (Bologna). Slides

Attended schools and conferences


Here you can find some (hopefully!) useful programs I am writing in during my Phd.

Click on the images to get redirected to a Sage script!

This program lets you draw grid diagrams

This program computes the correction terms for lens spaces

Currently under debugging.This is a primitive and unoptimized program that computes the "bigraded-hat" grid homology for links in the three sphere.

This program computes the Alexander polynomial of a grid diagram in the three sphere

Soon other programs will be added!

About me

I am one of the organizers of the "Baby geometri" seminars at the University of Pisa.

I enjoy juggling any kind of objects, and thinking at all the math behind it.

I am a big fan of :

KnotAtlas KnotInfo

Curriculum Vitae (.pdf files):
Italiano English

Some friends/colleagues

Weird tree in Palermo
Trip to Lerici with unicycles
Pavement in Copenhagen
Making a new "black"board
On a beach in the Canary Islands
Another weird tree in Palermo!
Night in Copenhagen

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