Daniele Serra

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Mathematical Physics.


LGBTI rights activist.

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Hello, it's me.
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Settimana Matematica 2017 New

Per il laboratorio "Dalla mela di Newton all'era spaziale" ho tenuto un seminario divulgativo sulla matematica delle missioni spaziali. Approfitta per visitare la nuova sezione del sito "Outreach".

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Space pills #2 New

You probably are aware that Mars has two natural satellites, Phobos and Deimos. What you probably are missing is that Phobos is doomed! Since the latter rotates faster around Mars than Mars around its own axis, the tidal friction makes the distance between the two bodies slowly, but inesorably, decrease. Eventually, the tidal forces acting on Phobos will destroy it. Unfortunately none of us will live long enough to witness this exceptional event in our Solar System.

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Many people loved my introduction to LaTeX. Give it a go.

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