Daniele Serra

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Mathematical Physics.


LGBTI rights activist.

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Hello, it's me.
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Settimana Matematica 2017 New

Per il laboratorio "Dalla mela di Newton all'era spaziale" ho tenuto un seminario divulgativo sulla matematica delle missioni spaziali. Approfitta per visitare la nuova sezione del sito "Outreach".

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Space pills #3 New

We Italians are perfectly aware that our culinary tradition is worldwide appreciated, looked up to and imitated (with both good and poor results, tbh). What we did not know is that giants planets are pasta lovers, too! Take a look in the link below at some amazing pictures of what is possibly the weirdest and funniest celestial body known to date: Saturn's moon Pan. The tiny satellite was photographed in early March 2017 by the Cassini spacecraft, which has been studying the second-biggest planet of our beloved Solar System for more than a decade. The orbiter revealed that Pan has the shape of a... raviolo (singular form of 'ravioli')! Are you hungry yet?

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Many people loved my introduction to LaTeX. Give it a go.

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