Daniele Serra

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Mathematical Physics.


LGBT+ rights activist.

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Hello, it's me.
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Giornalino degli Open Days New

Take a look at my article in the newest number of the Open Days Magazine published by the Department of Mathematics of Pisa (in Italian).

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Space pills #4 New

It has been almost a year since the Juno spacecraft arrived at Jupiter, and despite the fact that only 6 science orbits occurred (the period being about 53 days) great scientific discoveries were made. JunoCam, the camera onboard, took amazing pictures of the planet, including areas never explored before. This is the case of the poles of Jupiter, which revealed an incredibly restless environment. The picture in the link shows Jupiter's south pole, covered in Earth-sized amazing storms. Considering the bad temper of the Greek God, it seems that the name Jupiter suits the giant planet perfectly.

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Many people loved my introduction to LaTeX. Give it a go.

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