Umberto Grandi
My official webpage is here

Here you can just find the following things:

-The specialistica/master thesis on "Modal Logic and of Foundations Game Theory", 2008 (in Italian) here in pdf
-The triennale/bachelor/licence thesis on "The Logical Completeness of Elementary Geometry and Real Closed Fields", 2006 (again in Italian). here in ps

-Something written on Furstenberg-Weiss and Van der Waerden theorems, another on Bargaining Problems.
-A seminar for SELP: Complementi di logica modale
-An essay on What is Mathematics: a small introduction for italian non-mathematician friends, 2007.

-my very first essay on game theory, written at the end of the high school, 2003 (in Italian of course) here

-Due presentazioni di "Ricerca la Ricerca" 2006, una e l'altra. Quelle di quest'anno (2008) si trovano sul Wiki.

-Cinghiali Bianchi

-Wiki DM