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Kirill Kuzmin
Ph.D. student in Mathematics at the University of Pisa
Ex Mathematics student at the University of Pisa, immatriculated 666 years after its foundation
Mathematics student at the Scuola Normale Superiore

Mathematics stuff

Ultrafilters and Nonstandrad Methods

Solutions to some exercises of the course (italian).

October 5th, 2012: Compattezza combinatorica e topologica, 3-colorazioni dei naturali e Van Der Werden finito
October 12th, 2012: Cardinalità dell'insieme degli ultrafiltri sui naturali e ultrafiltri selettivi
October 17th, 2012: P-Point
October 26th, 2012: Enunciati equivalenti a Hindman
November 16th, 2012: Cardinalità degli insiemi iperfiniti

Bachelor thesis (italian)

Un concetto generalizzato di curvatura e il Teorema del Toro Piatto

The thesis
The slides

Master thesis

Non smoothable locally CAT(0) spaces

The thesis
The slides (italian)

Olympic Mathematics stuff

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My blog


For fun

The fluff of the day, another blog of mine ironically treating abstract math.

2010 April hoax (italian)

Owl for the olympic Stage Senior 2012

2013 April hoax (italian)

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Matemate, Jack's olympic problems site.

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