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Myself behind a Rubik cubeI am a Postdoctoral researcher (Assegnista di ricerca) at the University of Camerino.


Scuola di Scienze e Tecnologie, Sezione di Matematica, Università di Camerino
Via Madonna delle Carceri 9, 62032 Camerino (MC), Italy

Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Pisa
Via F. Buonarroti 1/c, 56127 Pisa (PI), Italy
+39 050 2213838

Email: vlmantovaatgmail [dot] com, vincenzo [dot] mantovaatunicam [dot] it, vincenzo [dot] mantovaatfor [dot] unipi [dot] it

Recent additions

Publication (Unpublished): Mantova V. Generic solutions of polynomial exponential equations. [Internet]. Submitted . Available from: http://arxiv.org/abs/1402.0685 (Submitted on 06/02/2014 - 17:36)
Page (Software): LaTeX in Empathy and Adium. (Submitted on 26/03/2013 - 18:25)
Publication (Unpublished): Mantova V, Zannier U. Artin-Whaples approximations of bounded degree on algebraic varieties. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. In Press . (Submitted on 12/03/2013 - 19:45)
Talk: A pseudoexponential-like structure on the algebraic numbers. Around Zilber-Pink conjectures -- Satellite day, Paris 30/06/2012 (Submitted on 05/03/2013 - 23:56)
Publication (Ph.D. thesis): Mantova V. Zilber fields and complex exponentiation. 2013 . (Submitted on 11/02/2013 - 13:08)
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