Roberto Pirisi

Postdoctoral fellow

University of Ottawa, department of Mathematics and Statistics
585 King Edward Ave - K1N6N5 Ottawa

Past: PhD

Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa. Advisor: Angelo Vistoli
My phd thesis (pdfupdated 04-09-2015)
Some expository slides (pdfupdated 10-09-2015)
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Fall 2015: Introduction to Geometry

Lessons are Monday 16:00-17:30, Wednesday 14:30-16:00, Room FTX227.

References: there is no compulsory text. The standard reference is "Modern geometry with applications" by G.A. Jennings (Springer Verlag). A copy of Barry Jessup's hand-written notes is available on the course's page together with many exercises and previous exams.

Office hours: Monday 15-16 LMX 339, Wednesday 16-17 KED B015.

There will be a midterm exam and five assignments starting on Monday, September 21.

  •  Assignment 1  pdf
  •  Assignment 2  pdf
  • If you score less than 40% on your final exam, your final grade is your score on the final exam. Otherwise the final grading will be the best of:

    • 25% (assignments) + 25% (midterm) + 50% (final)
    • 25% (assignments) + 75% (final)

    The assignments score will be obtained as the average of the four best assignments.

    Spring 2015: Teaching assistant, Algebra 2

    Some chosen exercises (in Italian) for the Algebra 2 course (Laurea in Matematica, A.A. 2014/15) taught by professor Patrizia Gianni.

    1.  Anelli (1)  pdf  Anelli (1) Soluzioni   pdf
    2.  Anelli (2)  pdf  Anelli (2) Soluzioni   pdf
    3.  Moduli (1)  pdf  Moduli (1) Soluzioni   pdf
    4.  Moduli (2)  pdf  Moduli (2) Soluzioni   pdf
    5.  Prodotto Tensoriale-Piattezza (1)  pdf
    6.  Prodotto Tensoriale-Piattezza (2)  pdf
    7.  Anelli Noetheriani-Artiniani (1)  pdf


    office 302, 585 King Edward Ave
    email(i) rpirisi  [AT]
    email(ii) roberto.pirisi86  [AT]